Sunday, April 25, 2021

Second post - a blog introduction

A new security blog. In 2021. Um...yeah. 

I’ve been working in information security for the past 20+ years.  These days, most of my focus is on application security, penetration testing, red teaming, and offense — although I have plenty of slowly-aging experience in incident response, security operations, network/security engineering, UNIX administration, and policy work too. 

A lot of this work has been for employers and clients, so there hasn’t been much that I’ve wanted to or have been able to blog about in the past.  But at this point I have a handful of topics I’m motivated enough to write about.  So stay tuned for some thoughts on application security testing and automation, CFML security, and maybe a look-back at some old vulnerabilities that are more-easily anonymized due to the cobwebs plus time. 

Get comfortable, stick around, leave a comment, and thanks for reading! 

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